Dray Court

Residential New-Build Scheme consisting of 5 units on backland site.

Nestled just off West Drayton High Street, the Dray Court development provides 5 high quality rental units and 4 GF under croft parking spaces produce for our clients Akelius Residential UK. Claridge Architects (CAL) were appointed post-planning to review, develop and detail the scheme approved by others to maximise the sites development potential.

Working closely with both the client and construction team, CAL resolved key technical design features whilst amending the consented planning application to increasing floor to ceiling heights, window sizes and amenity space provision. CAL also upgraded the external appearance of the building which was redesigned to provide a textured buff coloured brick façade punctuated with black metal clad features.


Location:     West Drayton, London
Area: 3,900  sq ft.
Status: Completed – 2020

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