Hamborough Tavern

Claridge Architects were appointed to design a residential scheme in the LB of Ealing. The proposed development comprises of a new build eleven storey corner block, flanked  three storey townhouses and will provide 55 residential units and 190 sqm of commercial space. The development is conceived as an assemblage of three interconnected urban blocks; a three storied apartment block facing the street, a row of terraced townhouses oriented to the Bankside and a twelve storied tower element that celebrates its corner position facing the canal.

The tower will be expressed in a tripartite composition of base, middle and top. A two stories base of a pre-cast concrete, pigmented deep red, including a colonnade that acts as a drop off point, will give a presence to the corner. The body of the tower will be given a vertical emphasis, conceived as a series of brick piers, with pre-cast concrete spandrel and glazing infill. The concrete,  which will be fluted in profile and also pigmented a pinkish hue, will give a further depth to the facade and give a delicate counterbalance to the strength of the brickwork. The crown of the building will be expressed as a framed open roof terrace, which will give wonderful views of the canal and Southall beyond.

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