Intec House

We are delighted to share a new residential-led scheme in the London Borough of Barnet, has recently been approved full planning permission. The scheme consists of newly proposed working space and 92 high quality residential units. The units were designed through a range of unit typologies, assisting in developing a varied and resilient local community. The facade articulation are both contextually and materially driven, the project is a contemporary architectural intervention which utilises a variety of brick tones to allow us to reduce the impression of mass by creating three forms. The darker tones ground the proposal, while combating the dramatic change in topography.

To further break down the massing we decided to use variation of brick tone to create an obvious hierarchy between the base and body of the building. The variation of brick tone can also be identified through changes in articulation. The lighter brick tone, places an emphasis vertical elements, whereas the darker brick has a horizontal emphasis to create two distinct volumes.



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