Queen’s Park Pavilion

Temporary Timber Pavillion as part of The London Design Festival.

As part of the London Design Festival to host a ‘Plants Out Of Place’ exhibition directed by Studio Aikieu and Coloni, a pavilion has been designed by Claridge Architects.

The exhibition explores and celebrates the life of undesirable plants out of place and wild growing species in an urban environment and will incorporate arts, crafts, talks, food experiences, workshops, gardening and more. The pavilion was constructed by OLF in Queen’s Park with all materials provided by Lawsons.

The lightweight timber structure is composed of three interlocking volumes of varying heights and sits within the leafy surroundings of Queen’s Park. The cladding is made from diagonal battens which have been spaced to allow air and light to permeate the pavilion and let the sun trace patterns across the interior. The direction of the diagonal battens alter from volume to volume enhancing the composition of the three different volumes. One of the volumes is left open to the sky which, along with the cladding, ensures that the pavilion is connected to the surrounding parkland.

Client: London Design Festival
Location:      Queen’s Park, London
Status: Completed – 2015

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