Sandringham Mews Ealing

Co-Living Development 318 Studio Apartments with Commercial Spaces 

Claridge Architects achieved unanimous approval for a sustainable Co-Living development in Ealing. This visionary project aims to rejuvenate the area, address housing needs, and enhance community living while preserving the town’s heritage.

Situated within the Ealing Town Centre Conservation Area, the proposed development features two buildings, strategically positioned along High Street and Sandringham Mews. The proposal will offer 318 co-living units with flexible commercial spaces on the ground floor. The development caters to the changing retail landscape, with flexible units and improved offer on the existing standards. It proposes a setback ground floor, widening the public footpath along High Street and encouraging pedestrian movement, giving a more public highway.

Aligned with local planning policies, the development promotes town centre vitality and supports the diverse needs of Ealing’s residents. It contributes to the regeneration of the area, providing communal amenities, outdoor spaces, retail opportunities and providing on site the existing Drapers Arms public house. The co-living concept offers an alternative housing option for single-person households who seek shared living spaces. The development includes various unit sizes, ensuring accessibility with 14 wheelchair-accessible units and dedicating 10 units to care leaver accommodation.

The proposed development underwent a comprehensive consultation and assessment to ensure positive contribution to the local heritage. It will be a carefully designed addition to Ealing’s streetscape, marking the entrance and improving pedestrian routes on Sandringham Mews. Emphasizing sustainability, the project includes green spaces, rooftop gardens and tree planting to enhance the overall character and appearance of the Ealing Town Centre Conservation Area.

The design has sought to “specialise” the massing and architectural style in response to its immediate context and overall external constraints, due to the extremely varied nature of the site, presenting a large façade on High street, the backland nature of the northern block, and the critical heritage assets south of the sites. Each of the elements are articulated differently to define its typology, creating variation within the new streetscape.

Claridge Architects is committed to designing vibrant, inclusive and community-centric developments that meets the evolving need of Ealing Town Centre. The proposal presents a unique opportunity to address housing challenges, provide employment opportunities and contribute to the town’s revitalization, through public realm design.

Client:  Balance Out Living
Location:    Ealing, London
Status: Planning Approved

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